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Where y’ longs to?

The University of Calgary Faculty of Law is excited to have several students from the province of Newfoundland at the school contributing to the dynamic and exciting learning  environment. Andrea Williams, Danny Mills and Sasha Best all came from Newfoundland as part of the class of 2018 and have found a welcoming new home and many close friends.

The decision to move across the country to attend law school was daunting, but for each student, UCalgary stood out among law schools as the educational institution where they would best find success. Andrea Williams chose to attend the University of Calgary because of the law school's focus on Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law (NREEL), "as the energy sector is the largest sector in Newfoundland, I felt that attending the University of Calgary would provide me with the unique perspective of energy law, corporate law and employment/labour law in an energy based economy." This was a sentiment shared by Danny, who, in addition to the breadth of NREEL offerings, was also attracted by the small class sizes -which were similar to his undergraduate degree experience. For Sasha, after speaking with the admissions director and attending the open house in May, she was convinced that UCalgary was the best place for her because of the collegiality of its students.

During their first few weeks at law school, all three students built strong networks of friends within the Faculty of Law. The three-week intensive course, Foundations of Law and Justice, at the start of the year, which is unique to the Calgary Curriculum, was a very positive experience for students. Although initially nervous after leaving her close group of friends back home, Sasha's experience of block week was overwhelmingly positive because, "it makes it near impossible not to gain new friends -as everyone has the same schedule and there are so many events over the first few months." In addition, all three students became involved in some of the many extra-curricular opportunities available, such as Student Legal Assistance, Pro-Bono Students Canada, intramurals, and the law show. As Danny sums up, "it's nice to get to know one another while doing something not strictly related to class, and it certainly helped me feel like I was part of the community."

Choosing the city of Calgary itself was also an important factor in the decision of these students to come to the University of Calgary. Sasha was excited to move to Calgary because it offers the best aspects of city life, while still boasting the most appealing qualities of smaller town living -with a friendly population and the ability to explore stunningly beautiful scenery and landscapes. Andrea and Danny were also interested in Calgary because of the strong presence of fellow Newfoundlanders in the city. Danny describes how, "it made me happy to think that there were a number of people here in the city who would know the proper answer to 'whadda y' at?'."

The University of Calgary Faculty of Law is an innovative and exciting law school due in a large part to the extraordinary talent of its students and the diverse experiences that they bring with them. There are many aspects of UCalgary Law, from NREEL to a small, close-knit community, that resonate for students from Newfoundland. Andrea Williams, Danny Mills and Sasha Best are outstanding members of the class of 2018, and with applications open for the 2017 school year we look forward to seeing more talented students start their future with the University of Calgary.

[Photo: Andrea Williams (left), Sasha Best (right). Danny Mills is missing from the photo because he had two black eyes, which he earned playing on the law school intramural soccer team.]