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JD Admissions - How to Apply

How to Apply

Our next application cycle for the JD program will be for Fall 2016. Applications will be open on our website from September 1 to November 1, 2015.

A completed online application, available here, is due by November 1. The deadline for supporting documents (letters of reference, transcripts and LSAT score) is March 1.


A completed application to the University of Calgary Faculty of Law includes:

  1. A completed online application

    Only online applications will be accepted for the JD program. The application includes a statement of interest of no more than 500 words. The purpose of the statement of interest is to provide the Admissions Committee with additional information about you that will be used in assessing your application. It is a place for you to show us who you are and what should make you of particular interest to the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary. The committee is interested in finding out the following:

    • What led you to make the decision to apply to law school?
    • What would you like to do with your law degree?
    • Why are you interested in the University of Calgary Faculty of Law in particular?
    • Why you have made previous academic or other choices and how they have affected your decision to apply to law school.

    It is important that you attempt to answer these questions in your Statement of Interest. The members of the Admissions Committee consider the Statement of Interest in the context of the rest of your application. Therefore it is useful for you to discuss how the experiences you have listed elsewhere on your application are relevant to your desire to attend law school.

  2. A $100 non-refundable application fee ($130 for international applicants)

An application fee of $100 (CAD) will be charged for Canadian applicants; $130 for international applicants. Payment must be made online when the application is submitted. The application fee is non-refundable. 

Supporting documents

Due to the nature of the admissions at the University of Calgary Faculty of Law, all supporting documents (transcripts, letters of reference and LSAT score) must be received by March 1. The Admissions Committee starts reviewing files in November and there are few, if any, spots left by the beginning of April.

If your supporting documents are received before your application, they will be held in a file until the documents and application can be matched.

No application file will be reviewed until complete. Those applications completed earliest are usually read first by the Admissions Committee, therefore it is to the applicant's advantage to have a completed file as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure your application file is complete. You can verify the status of your file with the Law Admissions Office by email only at

Supporting documentation includes:

  1. Transcripts

    Transcripts are required from every post-secondary institution attended, and we require one set of transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate work. All transcripts, except those from the University of Calgary, must be requested by you and sent directly from the institution to our Admissions Office.

    If you attended the University of Calgary, we will download those transcripts and add them to your file.

    Official digital transcripts may be accepted from institutions in the ApplyAlberta network only. To find out if your institution participates in ApplyAlberta, please refer to the ApplyAlberta website.

    Transcripts from out-of-province institutions or institutions that do not participate in ApplyAlberta should be mailed directly from the institution to our Admissions Office at:

    Student Services and Admissions Office
    Faculty of Law
    Murray Fraser Hall
    University of Calgary
    2500 University Drive NW
    Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4

    Transcripts that are not in English or French must be accompanied by a notarized translation.

    Transcripts must include the results of all courses completed prior to December 31 of the academic year in which the application for admission is made. Courses completed after December 31 will not be considered. Students who are in an academic program outside the University of Calgary in the Fall Term should order their transcripts to be sent to the Admissions Office in early January. Your Fall Term grades will be included in the calculation of your GPA. A copy of your transcripts before your Fall grades are available is not necessary.

  2. Letters of reference

    We require two (2) letters of reference, and request that they be from academic sources. The committee will accept and read only two letters. You should be aware that failure to have two academic letters of reference may reduce your chances of admission.

    Non-academic letters of reference must be from someone who has had interactions with you in a professional capacity, such as an employer or an individual with an organization for which you have volunteered. Personal letters of reference - i.e., from friends or family - will not be considered by the Committee. Applicants who choose to provide non-academic referees must submit a brief explanation outlining the reason(s) for their choice by email, to, at the time of their application.

    The applicant will enter their referees' names and email addresses as part of their online application. Once the application is submitted, the computer will generate an email to each of the referees. The email will include a URL which will allow the referee to upload their reference letter directly to the web application website.

    It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain consent from their referees to provide the referees’ email addresses in their application to the Faculty of Law. By submitting their application, applicants are confirming that they have received consent and informed their referees that the Faculty of Law will be contacting them by email to obtain the letters of reference.

    There is no form for the reference letters, however letters should speak to your suitability for law school and/or legal practice given what the referee knows about you. The letters should be written on the referee's letterhead if possible. Letters of reference tend to be more helpful when the referee is aware of the information on your application, including your Statement of Interest.

    Please be as certain as possible that the referees you note on your application will be the ones providing you with the reference letters. Changes to referees can be made by email only at

    Applications that are complete except that only one letter has been received will be read only after all completed applications are read. This puts the application at a severe disadvantage.

    Notice to referees: Please note that the applicant will be provided with a copy of this reference upon submission of a written request. who makes a formal request.

  3. Law School Admission Test

As part of the online application, the applicant enters their highest LSAT score if they know it. If the applicant has not yet written the LSAT they enter 'NA.' We will request LSAT scores be forwarded to the law school from LSAC.

NOTE: The LSAT must be written prior to December 31 of the year you apply. The University of Calgary will not consider the February writing score for September admission. If you only write in February, your application will not be considered for admission for that year. 

LSAT scores are valid for five years.

If you write the LSAT more than once, the highest score will be used to group your file statistically, however your average score and the number of times you have written the test will be taken into account when reviewing your application.

Submitting applications

Applications to the JD program for Fall 2016 will open September 1, 2015.

You must complete the online application form, available here

Transcripts from institutions other than the University of Calgary must be sent to:

Student Services and Admissions Office
Faculty of Law
Murray Fraser Hall
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4

To contact us about admissions, email us at or by phone at 403.220.4155.