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Bill Smith, LLB'03

A bad experience leads to drive to 'make legal easy.'

When Bill Smith, LLB’03, conducted an experiment in Toronto last year, he wasn’t happy with the results. Smith wanted to experience the services available from a law office located in a big-box store. Asking to have a will created, he walked away empty handed and disappointed. Whether it was front-office staff unable to record his basic information, the lawyer in the office being unavailable to meet with clients or the lengthy timeline needed to deliver this basic legal service, Smith quickly realized that a better approach was needed.

Genuinely delivering innovation in services starts and finishes with meeting the needs of customers.  “The concept behind Law Shop is to provide the legal services you need, at some of the most important times of your life – buying a home, starting a family or opening a business – quickly, easily and inexpensively,” says Smith. 

Helping people access legal services in a new, customer friendly way has been a passion of Smith’s for quite some time. Before launching Law Shop this past July, Smith started Legal Innovations which delivers quality services to consumers and businesses on a quoted fee basis taking the mystery out of legal costs. Delivering a wider range of services than Law Shop, the top priority of Legal Innovations is customer service and client satisfaction. 

“Law Shop is focused on fixed prices for services important to the life events we all experience.  We can create a basic will for $149. Clients come in, give us the information we need and within two hours have a completed will and peace of mind knowing their family and estate are protected,” says Smith. 

As Smith says. “It’s all about making legal easy.”