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Faculty of Law Mentorship Program

The Faculty of Law and the Career and Professional Development Office are seeking law alum from across the country to support us by volunteering to be part of a mentorship/professional networking database. The records would be made available to students in the Faculty of Law who are interested in practicing in specific regions and, potentially, in specific practice areas.

Increasingly, the population of the student body has been diversifying. In the 2013 class, for example, 19% of the class originated from Ontario and 30%  from British Columbia. Because of this, students are looking to begin and build their law careers in many different communities across the country.

The objective of this database would be to offer students interested in practicing in various regions across the country insight into specific markets. Because of our significant student population from British Columbia and Ontario, we would especially like to encourage alumni from these regions to participate.

If you would like to volunteer, you can obtain a mentorship involvement form by e-mailing Maryanne Forrayi, Director, Career & Professional Development Office.

Please note that a very strong and successful mentorship program has been underway in Calgary itself for a good number of years and is generously coordinated by the Canadian Bar Association. For alumni living in Calgary who would like to assist in a mentorship role, we would like to encourage you to take part in this program which matches students to the Calgary legal community members in early Fall. If you are not involved in this program already and would like to become involved, please contact Linda Chapman at