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Publications - Bryce Tingle


Journal Articles

  • "Framed! The Failure of Traditional Agency Cost Explanations for Executive Pay Practices" (October 3, 2016). Alberta Law Review, Forthcoming. (SSRN)
  • "The Agency Cost Case for Regulating Proxy Advisory Firms" (September 9, 2015). (2016) 49:2 UBC Law Review. (SSRN)
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  • Tingle, Bryce C. and Pandes, J. Ari and Robinson, Michael J., "The IPO Market in Canada: What a Comparison with the United States Tells Us About a Global Problem" (December 1, 2013). Canadian Business Law Journal, Vol. 54, No. 3, p. 321, 2013. (SSRN)
  • "Economic Efficiency, Normative Account-Giving and Corporate Law" (December 3, 2015). (2015) 57 Canadian Business Law Journal 270. (SSRN)
  • "The IPO Market in Canada: What a Comparison with the United States tells us About a Global Problem" with J. Ari Pandes and Michael J. Robinson, Canadian Business Law Journal, December 2013
  • "The Strange Case of the Crown Prerogative over Private Prosecution, or Who Killed Public Interest law Enforcement?" (1994) 28 UBC Law Review 309
  • "The Promise of our Laws" (1992) 30 Alberta Law Review 1324