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Publications - Alice Woolley


Understanding Lawyers' Ethics in Canada, 2d. Ed. (Toronto: LexisNexis, 2016) (description available here)

In Search of the Ethical Lawyer: Stories from the Canadian Legal Profession (UBC Press, 2016) (with Adam Dodek) (description available here)

Lawyers' Ethics (Routledge, forthcoming 2016)

  • Co-editor with Monroe Freedman and Abbe Smith

Lawyers’ Ethics and Professional Regulation, 2d. Ed. (Toronto: LexisNexis, 2012)

  • Co-editor with Richard Devlin, Brent Cotter and John Law; author of “Introduction to Legal Ethics” and “Access to Justice”; co-author of “Issues in Regulation”

Understanding Lawyers’ Ethics in Canada (Toronto: LexisNexis, 2011)

Lawyers’ Ethics and Professional Regulation (Toronto: LexisNexis, 2008)

  • Co-editor with Richard Devlin, Brent Cotter, John Law; author of “Introduction to Legal Ethics”, “Lawyers in Organizational Settings: Part II: Government Lawyers” and “Access to Justice”; co-author of “Issues in Regulation” 

Articles and Book Chapters


  • "Fundamental Justice (Sort of Maybe) Requires a Lawyer's Commitment to a Client's Cause" (2015) 34 NJCL 211-214
  • "Equality Rights, Freedom of Religion and the Training of Canadian Lawyers" (2014) 17(3) Legal Ethics 437-441“The Legitimate Concerns of Legal Ethics” (2010) 13(2) Legal Ethics 168-173
  • “Judicial Regulation of the Legal Profession: Correspondent’s Report From Canada” (2010) 13(1) Legal Ethics 104-110
  • “After Dunsmuir: The Alberta Court of Appeal’s Identification and Application of Standard of Review May 2008-May 2009” (2010) 47(4) Alberta Law Review 1017-1036
  • “Correspondent’s Report From Canada: Federation of Law Societies’ Report on the Common Law Degree” (2009) 12(2) Legal Ethics 240-244
  • “Ethics as Regulation: A Comment on Merchant v. Law Society of Saskatchewan” (2009) 72 Saskatchewan Law Review 279-294
  • "Correspondent’s Report from Canada: Task Force on Conflicts of Interest” (2009) 12(1) Legal Ethics 91-95
  • “The Metaphysical Court: Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick and Standard of Review” (2008) 21 Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice 259-269
  • “The Importance of ATCO Gas and Pipelines: A Response to Marty Kay” (2007) 45(2) Alberta Law Review 515-520
  • “‘Practical Necessity’ or ‘Highly Sophisticated Opportunism’?  Judicial Review and Rate Regulation After ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. v. Alberta (Energy and Utilities Board” (2006) 44 Alberta Law Review 445-458

Book Reviews

  • “The Problem of Guilt: Ferdinand von Schirach’s Crime and Guilt” (2012) 15(2) Legal Ethics 412-420
  • “To What Should Lawyers Be Faithful? A Review of W. Bradley Wendel’s Lawyers and Fidelity to Law” (2012) 31(2) Criminal Justice Ethics 124-136
  • “Truth or Truthiness: A Modern Legal Ethics’ Understanding of the Lawyer and her Community” (2010) 13(2) Legal Ethics 231-243
  • “Regulating Dignity: A Review of Legal Ethics and Human Dignity (2008) 11(2) Legal Ethics 261-272.
  • “Book Review: Tenure Denied” (2007) 13(3-4) Feminist Economics 226-230 (with Frances Woolley)
  • Can the Dismal Science Save the ‘Dog of the Curriculum?’” (2005) 8 Legal Ethics 148-159 (Review of Randal Graham’s Legal Ethics: Theories, Cases and Professional Regulation)

Conferences/Presentation (Recent)


  • Canadian Bar Association and Federation of Law Societies of Canada, Annual Ethics Form ("Prosecutorial Conduct – Ethics and Regulation for Lawyers Without Clients but with a Special Role")


  • Canadian Bar Association, National Labour and Administrative Law Conference ("The lawyer as advisor")
  • University of Ottawa, Faculty of law ("Let's stop claiming the prosecutor's job is to do justice")
  • Canadian Association of Legal Ethics ("Non-legal service providers and access to justice")
  • Criminal Justice Ethics "Schmooze", Fordham Law School ("Let's stop claiming the prosecutor's job is to do justice")
  • Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers' Association (Civility)
  • Reconsidering Access to Justice Conference, Texas A & M University School of Law (Addressing Access to Justice Through New Legal Service Providers: Opportunities and Challenges (with Trevor Farrow))


  • Distinguished Visitor Lecture at Robson Hall Faculty of Law, at the University of Manitoba ("The Lawyer as Advisor and the Practice of the Rule of Law.")
  • J. Donald Mawhinney Lecture in Legal Ethics and Professionalism ("The Lawyer as Advisory: Advocate, Adjudicator or...Friend?")


  • University of Ottawa Legal Ethics Lecture Series ("Can Good Character be Made Better...")
  • Fordham Law School Legal Ethics "Schmooze" ("Context, Meaning and Morality in the Life of the Lawyer")
  • University of Alberta Centenary Conference ("Legal Education Reform and the Good Lawyer")
  • Canadian Association of Legal Ethics Conference ("Flipping the Legal Ethics Classroom")


  • "Does Zealous Advocacy have a Future in Canada?"
    With panelists The Honourable Ian Binnie, C.C., Q.C.; Edward L. Greenspan, Q.C., LL.D., D.C.L.; and Thomas G. Heintzman, O.C., Q.C.
    Webcast here

  • International Legal Ethics Conference V
    Co-Chair, Organizing Committee
    “Moral Pluralism and Legal Ethics”


  • Fordham Law School Colloquium on Globalization and the Legal Profession (“Comparative Perspectives on Lawyer Regulation”)
  • University of St. Thomas (“Ethics and Intuition in Legal Ethics Teaching”)
  • Law and Society (U.S.) (“Regulation in Practice”)
    Chair, Panel Discussion, Moral Pluralism and Legal Ethics
  • Canadian Association of Law Librarians, National Conference
    Panel discussion of the Federation of Law Societies Report on the Common Law Degree
  • CBA, New Brunswick Mid-Winter Meeting (“Confidentiality and Coherence”)
  • CBA, Corporate Counsel Sub-Section (“The Ethics of Advising”)


  • National Judicial Institute Judicial Education (“Civility”)
  • Fifth Annual Legal Ethics Teachers Colloquium (“Independence of the Bar and Regulation of the Legal Profession”)
  • International Legal Ethics Conference IV
    “Regulation in Practice”
    “Truth or Truthiness…”
  • Energy Resources and Conservation Board (“Necessary and Adequate Reasons in Administrative Decision-Making”)
  • CBA Administrative Law Subsection (“Necessary and Adequate Reasons in Administrative Decision-Making”  (with Shaun Fluker))
  • Federation of Law Societies, Annual Conference (“Ethics as Regulation”)
  • Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association
    Continuing Legal Education