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Angelini, Filippo Law 650: Business Skills for Lawyers
Badami, Aditya (Adi) Law 579: Legal Theory - Commercial Law
Baker, Elliot Law 511: Criminal Process
Betteridge, Robert Law 525: Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law
Boyd, John-Paul Law 515: Family Law
Cascadden, Will Law 561: Employment Law
Christopher, Catherine Law 533: Wills & Estates
Clarke, Kim Law 607: Advanced Legal Research
Coe, Catrin Law 598: Trusts
Fradsham, A.A. Law 591: Provincial Court Clerkships
Francis, Greg Law 699: Labour Law
Ford, Michael Law 699: Labour Law
Gerbrandt, Ricki-Lee Law 406: Torts
Greene, Michael Law 698: Immigration & Refugee Law
Hibbard, Bruce Law 656: Business Law - Mergers & Acquisitions
Howard, Kimberly Law 647: Regulatory Theory
Hume, Kathryn
Law 599: Legal Practice - Legal Technology
Jantzi, Josh
Law 594: Aboriginal Law
Kary, Olga Law 648: Securities Law
Kathuria, Rick Law 599: Legal Practice - Project Management
Knoll, Pat Law 599: Legal Practice - Parliamentary Procedure
Kowalski, Mitch Law 599: Legal Practice - Innovation
Magnan, Caroline Law 693: Common Law En Francais
McKay-Panos, Linda Law 400: Constitutional Law
Menzies, Scot Law 689: Family Law Clinical
Munn, Jean Law 698: Immigration & Refugee Law
Pappas, Vasilis Law 557: Commercial Arbitration Law
Raby, Stephen Law 521: Real Estate Transactions
Reed, Darren Law 505: Civil Procedure
Rico, Melissa Law 593: Health Law
Riley, Beth Law 656: Business Law - Mergers & Acquisitions
Sandwith, Kyla Law 599: Legal Practice - Leadership
Sibold, Stephen Law 621: Corporate Governance
Spicer, Wylie Law 693: Law of the Sea
Van Vliet, Gordon Law 521: Real Estate Transactions
Viney, Christine Law 553: Insurance Law
Vegh, George Law 553: Insurance Law
Waite, Michael Law 593: Health Law