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Articling Placement Rates

Submitted by lcareers on Tue, 07/15/2014 - 2:43pm

Articling Placement History:

2016 graduates:   96% articling placement rate (3 non-reports, 3 not seeking)

2015 graduates:   96% articling placement rate (1 non-report, 3 not seeking)

2014 graduates:   99% articling placement rate (1 non-report, 2 not seeking)

2013 graduates:   99% articling placement rate (1 non-report, 100% of reported were seeking articles)

2012 graduates:   97% articling placement rate (0 non-reports, 1 not seeking articles due to continuation of business career)

Articling placement rates are generally made public in the spring of the year following graduation and are based on those students who have reported and that they are seeking articles (see the near 100% reporting track record of students outlined by graduating year above).