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Submitted by kgz on Wed, 05/14/2014 - 1:45pm

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Why hire a University of Calgary law student?

The Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary has increasingly been attracting the best and brightest students from across the country. The high academic standards of the faculty, along with our Excellence in Lawyering Skills Program and our extra-curricular activities at the law school, make Calgary Law students stand out, leading to our high articling placement rate approaching 100%. Our students bring a high level of professionalism and knowledge to the legal profession including leadership skills developed through previous work experience or volunteer roles. Calgary Law students have excellent legal minds, can deliver results and work well with your clients.

Calgary Law is a strong academic law school and has been strengthened by a sound strategic plan that carries us forward as one of Canada’s leading law schools. Our clinical programs, such as Student Legal Assistance, continue to be one of our most highly regarded extra-curricular activities where students gain direct experience working with clients, handling files and in the court room.  

We are proud of our top-notch joint-JD programming including our International Energy Lawyers Program, a combined JD program with the University of Houston Law Center where students learn from the best legal minds in natural resources, energy and environmental law, graduating with a deep understanding of the current and emerging issues in the field both in Canada and the US. Other high-caliber joint programs, such as that with the Haskayne School of Business and the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, are also providing students with a broad foundation to launch our graduates into successful legal careers.

In addition, our innovative law school has been strengthened by the hiring of a number of outstanding legal scholars who have contributed to the growth of our high-caliber students.

Hiring an Articling Student – A Long-term Recruitment Strategy

Hiring an articling student is a good way to contribute to your long-term recruitment strategy. Calgary Law students bring resilience, excellent client-relations skills, and a strong foundation in law to quickly begin contributing to your firm or organization.  

We encourage smaller firms to also consider hiring an articling student. View the article published in Law Matters, the Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Chapter) publication here for a perspective on why smaller firms should consider hiring an articling students.

Composite Articles – Sharing Articles with another Law Firm

A number of law firms have offered composite articles to students. If you are a boutique law firm, our students are also eager to gain experience with you and join your team longer-term even if you can’t provide a full-set of articles. Practitioners in family law, or other boutique firms, often take advantage of composite articling opportunities. Contact one of our career professionals for more information if this is of interest to you.

Hiring a Summer Student

Corporation, firm or public interest organization – students bring can contribute to your many projects, providing an analytical eye, research skills and management of projects. Summer internship opportunities contribute to our students’ legal education and prepare them for a professional legal practice upon graduation. Many firms have profiled their organizations by setting up specific summer internship opportunities for Calgary Law students in targeted areas such as energy law and business law. Contact one of our career professionals to assist you with setting up this type of opportunity. 

Part-time Legal Work

Many of our students work during the semester to fund their legal education.  We encourage students to work in law-related positions.  If your legal team requires assistance on a part-time basis during the school year, a number of our students would be very interested in working with you on your projects, research work, or administrative work.

Alumni and Other Professionals: Share your expertise with our law students

Alumni and other professionals are invited to share their insight and expertise with our law students as a part of the Professional Networking Database. The database is made available to students interested in practicing in specific regions and in specific practice areas. The objective of the database is to offer students interested in practicing in various regions across the country insight into specific markets.

Please download, complete, and submit by e-mail to Rachelle Paddington the attached form.  If you have any questions or further inquiries, please contact Rachelle Paddington at

Career & Professional Development Office (CPDO)

The Career & Professional Development Office (CPDO) is here to assist employers in recruiting and making connections with Calgary Law students.  In addition, we are happy to liaise with you in development of your recruitment strategy, in profiling your firm with our students and updating you on recruitment rules and protocols pertaining to summer or articling hiring.

Please contact one of our career professionals.

The CPDO is an active member and contributor to the National Association of Legal Professionals and the Canadian Legal Career Development Network.   

Profiling Your Firm:

Contact one of our staff if you would like additional details on how to profile your firm with our students.   A few key events to consider attending include:

  • Calgary Law Mixer September, 2017 (By invitation only for recruiters, please inquire to
  • Calgary Law Career Day [Open exclusively to Calgary Law Students] – September 16, 2017. Contact the Articling Committee at to reserve your booth!
  • Calgary Small & Regional Firm Day Feb 3, 2017), Contact Rachelle Paddington at for details.
  • Vancouver (September, 2017) and Toronto (September, 2017) On-campus Interviews – Contact Rachelle Paddington at

Posting a Job:

Post your positions at no cost through our job-posting system, CareerLink, accessible exclusively by Calgary Law students.  We offer this complimentary service with the aim of all of our students securing articling positions.  We also acknowledge that the experience provided through summer internships and part-time work contribute to their goal of securing articles. To post a job, please email Rachelle Paddington at

Items that we recommend that you provide in your job posting include:

  • The type of position you are recruiting for (articles, summer or part-time work)
  • Duties and responsibilities of the position
  • An overview of the firm or organization including key practice areas
  • Any specific student requirements (year of study, specific experience, etc.)
  • To whom students should apply (contact) including how students should apply.
  • Application materials required
  • Deadline for receipt of applications
  • Salary (optional)