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UCalgary Law Negotiation Club holds successful kick off event with Litwiniuk & Company

The University of Calgary Law Negotiation Club holds successful kick off event with Litwiniuk & Company

March 7, 2017
By Jesse Vreeken

Students from the University of Calgary Faculty of Law have officially launched a new club focused on honing the legal negotiation skills of their members. The newly formed University of Calgary Law Negotiation Club (UCLNC) celebrated their inaugural event on Thursday, March 2, 2017, by pairing up with Litwiniuk & Company, a local law firm specializing in personal injury, to host the first annual UCLNC negotiation competition.

The sold out event took place in the new offices of Litwiniuk & Company where students took advantage of spacious boardrooms and shared spaces to prepare for, and conduct, their negotiations. Lawyers were present to assist, give tips, and judge negotiation approaches. Laura McPhee and Chad Haggerty, club president and vice president respectively, compiled the results and led a discussion into lessons learned, best practices, and notable trends. Litwiniuk & Company graciously provided refreshments while a panel of lawyers answered questions about the role of negotiation in their practice.

The UCLNC grew from a desire on the part of various law students to develop practical negotiation skills necessary for the successful practice of law. After an inquiry into the existence of similar clubs, the founding board saw a gap to be filled. Rudiger Tscherning, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law, has been instrumental in assisting the board throughout the club's launch. His experience with dispute resolution mechanisms and other negotiation clubs has been invaluable to the club's development of a long-term strategic direction. Leading the charge on the board are Laura McPhee, Chad Haggerty, Kiara Brown, Michael Henry, Katie Ayer, Joseph Ha, Tori Schmidt, and Jesse Vreeken, all first year law students.

On the heels of the club's inaugural success, the board is already working to develop next year's event calendar. Increasing event frequency, developing consistent learning themes, and increasing access for non-law students all continue to be goals for the 2017/2018 academic year. The club's primary focus is to foster the development of negotiation skills related to all areas of legal practice, including both commercial law and non-commercial negotiation. Additionally, the board is assessing the viability of taking part in international competitions in the coming years.

Keep your eyes peeled for more UCLNC events and announcements in the coming months!

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