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Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliographies

As part of a required graduate seminar, graduate students enrolled in both the thesis- and course-based LLM programs are required to prepare annotated bibliographies of literature relevant to their thesis or major paper research. These annotated bibliographies are prepared at the end of the students' first three months in the program, and as such, do not cover all the literature in any one area and must be viewed as works in progress. Nevertheless, we hope scholars and lawyers working in the relevant areas will find these documents a useful tool.


  • Melissa Gorrie, "Regulating Human Consumption of Natural Resources in Canada: An Earth Jurisprudence Analysis" (read)
  • Elise Calvert, "The Liability Paradigm: A Comparative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Orphan Wells Remediation in the Oil and Gas Industries of Alberta and Texas" (read)
  • Ilinca Iacob, "Pipeline Approval in Canada: A Tragedy of the Commons" (read)


  • Catherine Akello, "Access to Oil and Gas Information in Uganda: An Analysis of Uganda's Legislation with International Best Practice" (read)
  • Priscila Knoll Aymone, "Hydralic Fracturing of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Mature Oil and Gas Jurisdictions: A Review of Rules, Principles and Best Practices to Improve Brazil's Legal Framework" (read)
  • Carlos Andres (Andrew) Duran, "Standardization of Oil & Gas Procurement Contracts in Canada" (read)
  • Julia Gaunce, "The Interpretation of 'Due Regard' in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: A Case Study" (read)
  • Paul Grenon, "Underground Coal Gasification and Canada's Agreement at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference" (read)
  • Temitope Tunbi Onifade, "Public Interest Regulation of Non_Renewable Natural Resource Funds: A Comparative Study of the Alberta Heritage Trust Fund, the Alaska Permanent Fund and Norway's Government Pension Fund" (read)
  • Laura Scott, "Whether Indigenous title to land makes Indigenous Australians particularly vulnerable to environmental injustice" (read)
  • Flora Stevenson: The Duty to Consult the Inuit People in Climate Change Policy Making" (read)
  • L. Daniel Wilson, "An Analysis of ESTMA: Canada's Legislative Response to the Global Extractive Sector Transparency Movement" (read)




Annotated bibliographies prior to 2012 can be found here.