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Investment opportunities to heighten our global reach in energy, natural resources and environmental law, and to drive innovative teaching, research and student experiences.

Innovation and impact are the foundation and the future of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law. The school is poised to become a national leader in legal research and innovation in legal education.

The University of Calgary seeks to both guide and empower our future legal professionals by providing an exceptional student experience via access to brilliant legal minds, unique resources and innovative teaching and learning models.

Over the past number of years, the Faculty of Law has made exceptional and ambitious strides in contemporary legal education, underpinned by the success of the Calgary Curriculum and the establishment of partnerships that foster experiential and transformative opportunities for our students. The International Energy Lawyers Program, for instance, as well as several new academic and community-service initiatives such as the Public Interest Law Clinic, engage students in dynamic, meaningful learning that ultimately benefits entire communities. Physical enhancements to our teaching and learning environment have provided an additional margin of excellence to meet student and faculty needs.

Many of these elevated programs, partnerships and physical spaces were made possible through community and philanthropic support. Alumni, foundations, firms, corporate partners and friends have placed a high value on supporting the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law. Collaboration and generosity have set the stage for the next five years as we follow the ambition set out in our strategic vision, Energy - Innovation - Impact.

We will:

  • Intensify our commitment to moot court courses and competitions;
  • Enhance our student aid program;
  • Continue to develop new combined offerings in partnership with the Schulich School of Engineering, the Haskayne School of Business and others;
  • Strive for unprecedented program design, and opportunities and competitive advantages for our students; and
  • Amplify our reputation as a global leader in curriculum and research.

Now is the time to advance our collective agenda, and capitalize on opportunities that benefit our students and society. Together, we can leverage 40 years of strong, prescient leadership and social commitment.

Join us. When you combine your energy with ours, anything is possible.

Download our supporting documents for more information:

The Faculty of Law has been the grateful recipient of more than $9.6 million toward our $20-million Energize campaign goal. We will continue to spark meaningful change by unleashing student experiences, energizing innovative research that benefits society and strengthening ties with our communities. Moving forward, we will:

Ignite the legal minds of tomorrow / $10M

  • Develop new teaching strategies, courses and experiential learning initiatives that will enhance the hands-on Calgary Curriculum and enable innovations in technology and business.
  • Invest in a robust student aid program to attract and support the most exceptional law students from Calgary and around the world.
  • Generate new philanthropic support for our mooting and debating program and other case and legal competitions, and identify new donors and sponsors for our moot teams.

Emerge as a global leader in natural resources, energy and environment law / $5M

  • Generate philanthropic support to attract key talent and explore new fellowships, professorships and chairs in human rights, business and international trade, climate change, renewable energy, and tax law.
  • Heighten investment in our acclaimed International Energy Lawyers Program and new collaborative projects.

Invest in the professional world of tomorrow / $5M

  • Develop new interdisciplinary partnerships with our engineering and business programs to provide law students with innovative learning opportunities in emerging sectors, and new connections to industry.
  • Establish a new Indigenous Venture Legal Clinic and foster new collaborations with Indigenous communities and leaders within the legal profession.
  • Initiate new teaching, research and community outreach fostering the rights of Indigenous peoples, resource development and the environment.
  • Pioneer new research in a wide variety of areas, and foster collaboration for new solutions to challenges that face the legal profession, legal consumers and society.

For more information, contact:

Kimberly E. Arseneau-Greenlaw
Director of Development, Faculty of Law