Deal Academy

The UCalgary Law Deal Academy is an experiential learning program which is intended to provide law students with exposure to transactional law early on in their academic and professional careers. This experience will provide students with the necessary skills and insights to shape their career choices and bolster their background in Mergers and Acquisitions before even beginning to practice.

Students will have the opportunity to work hand in hand with practicing M&A lawyers and learn directly from these professionals in a real and practical way. Sessions will consist of students tackling a realistic fact pattern regarding an acquisition agreement, requiring them to develop a solution based on stated business objectives provided by their "client". Upon completion, their work will be reviewed by practicing M&A lawyers who will provide valuable feedback and suggestions on how they would have handled the scenario. This format allows for trial and error learning by students backed by the powerful advice of industry experts, allowing them to find their way to success. 

Man in suit signing a contract