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Info for Clients


NOTICE: If you are lawyer seeking to volunteer, click here.

Consumer Debt Negotiation Project

If you are concerned about your debt and need information about your options, access Help With Debt Alberta.

Please look at that site first so you know this is the right place for you. For example, if you want to declare bankruptcy or deal with Maintenance Enforcement payments, we can’t help you.

If you have looked at the Help With Debt Alberta website, and you know a) you want advice about the law and processes that apply to you, or b) you know you want to deal with your creditors, we can help you. 

The button below will bring up our application form. Before you click:

  • The Consumer Debt Negotiation Project is part of a teaching program at the University of Calgary. As a client, you will receive legal advice from trained lawyers, but you are also often going to have law students present. Everyone will keep your information private.
  • All meetings will be remote during Covid. You need an email address, and access to a computer or phone that can use Zoom.
  • We will probably have to look at documents before you get advice. Think about where you might have access to a scanner. You can also snap pictures of documents and upload them with a smart phone. Think about how you might do that and look into it.
  • If you apply here and have to appear in Court or take action on your debt soon, don’t wait for us. You don’t have a lawyer until you’ve talked directly with a specific lawyer and signed a waiver.