Mooting & Debating

Apply to the Mooting & Debating program.

Credit moot program

You can participate in both non-credit and credit moots during your time at UCalgary Law. Credit moots are open to second and third year students.

  • Credit moot descriptions (need link)
  • Credit moot program course outline and student expectations (need link)
  • Contact:

Applying to the credit moot program

The Mooting & Debating committee, in consultation with coaches, select students for the credit moot program based on the following criteria:

  • Your participation in the McGillivray and other moots
  • Your ranking of more than one moot choice in the program
  • Your letter of interest (one page), including past education and professional experience
  • Your grades/GPA (please supply an unofficial transcript)
  • A sample of your writing (a 2-3 page portion of a factum/memo/paper, etc.)

2018-2019 competitive moots

  • Western Canada Trial (MacIntyre Cup) Competition (2 mooters)
  • Gale Cup Moot (4 mooters)
  • Davies’ Annual Corporate Securities Moot (4 mooters, 1 researcher)
  • Jessup International Law Moot – Canadian Division (4 mooters, 1 researcher)
  • Donald G. Bowman National Tax Moot (4 mooters, 1 researcher)
  • Bennett Jones Health Law Moot (4 mooters)
  • Alberta Court of Appeal Moot (6 mooters; 2L students only)
  • Kawaskimhon Aboriginal Circle (4 mooters)
  • Willms Shier Environmental Law Moot

Non-credit moot program

The non-credit moot program consists of the William McGillivray Moot and the Blackstone Medals Debate.

Annual William McGillivray Moot

Sponsored by Carbert Waite LLP

  • Open to 2L and 3L students only
  • Typically takes place in September and October

Blackstone Medals Debate

  • Open to all JD students
  • Sign up in pairs with a colleague in any year of law school
  • Contact: Sue Parsons,

The Blackstone Medals Debate was created in 1980 in honour of Judge Irwin Blackstone, one of the founding members of UCalgary Law. The debate focuses on your ability to provide a clear and concise argument during a structure debate lasting 43 minutes. The debate focuses on the true strength on an argument and give you excellent exposure and practice in oral advocacy.