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Third-year students' research win awards at Undergrad Research Symposium

Brady Chapman and Joey Bogle presented their research projects as part of the annual Students' Union event....

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What's wrong with geoengineering climate change?

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In the News: Canadian Lawyer

'Wexit' and the anemic state of Canadian federalism

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In the News: Global News Radio

First Nations compensation case

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ABlawg: The Faculty of Law Blog

Further Thoughts on The Law and Practice of Grandparenting

By: Nigel Bankes PDF Version: Further Thoughts on The Law and Practice of Grandparenting Decision Commented On: AUC Decision 22942-D02-2019, Alberta Electric System Operator, 2018 Independent System O...

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Bill 26 and the Rights of Farm and Ranch Workers in Alberta

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Bidders Do Not Owe Duties of Fairness and Honesty to Other Bidders in Tendering Competitions

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A Lesson in First Year Criminal Law Principles: How The Supreme Court of Canada “Modifies” Objective Mens Rea Offences in R v Javanmardi

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