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How is Business Law Different at UCalgary?

Every law school in Canada offers the same core business law courses.  The relevant questions are:

Who teaches those courses?  Do they care about business?  Have they run companies, built startups, advised boards of directors? 

At UCalgary business law courses are taught by professors who have extensive experience in many different roles in the business world.

What is the attitude towards business?  Do the professors think highly of the role business plays in innovation, wealth generation and job creation? 

It is hard to understand something you dislike.

Do their professors conduct research and publish research in business law areas? 

Research informs teaching.  UCalgary business law professors focus their research on the core elements of corporate law and corporate finance.

What kinds of business law courses does a law school offer outside of the core courses? 

UCalgary offers courses in Business Associations, Corporate Tax, Securities, and others that are common to nearly all law schools. However, it also teaches courses like Fintech Law & Policy, Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Entrepreneurial Law, International Trade Law, Business Skills for Lawyers, etc.

Does the school offer hands-on practical experience with business law skills? 

The Calgary Curriculum puts a premium on training students to read agreements and structure deals. As well, it offers the Business Venture Clinic, where law students work with startup teams and with venture capitalists investing in new firms.

What kind of culture does the law school have around business law? 

UCalgary has lectures from leading corporate law scholars around the world, extra-curricular activities on networking and dining etiquette, professor-led reading groups covering important books on business and economics.

How hard does the law school work on developing a strong relationship with the corporate bar? 

Law schools can choose to remain aloof from practicing lawyers.  UCalgary considers itself an integral part of the business environment in Canada.  Its professors engage with practicing lawyers, regulators, government officials, and business firms.  This builds valuable relationships for students.

Does the law school have a business-law focused jobs office?  Do they look for summer jobs and internships in business law outside of the usual big-law suspects? 

The UCalgary Career and Professional Development Office is focused on developing strong relationships with various corporations and business organizations that students may be interested in. There are numerous in-house summer jobs and internships available each year, some of which include placements at financial firms, securities commissions, commercial real estate offices, large energy companies, and much more.