UCalgary Business Law Statistics

UCalgary Business Law at a Glance

UCalgary Law boasts some of the most impressive business law statistics across Canadian law schools.

Check out the following information on our student backgrounds, articling and summer placement rates, business law course offerings, and business law faculty! 

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Business Backgrounds

UCalgary Law students bring with them a variety of business backgrounds. A significant portion of our students hold degrees in a business-related discipline such as a Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Management, or a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Specifically, 32 students from the incoming class of 2024 (24% on a 130 students incoming class) hold one of these degrees. 

Further to this, UCalgary Law's holistic admissions process places a significant emphasis on the value of prior work experience. Thus, a great number of our students also come into law school with prior experience in a variety of professional business settings. 

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Articling and Summer Positions

Our articling placement rate is typically one of the highest in Canada, ranging from 96-100% over the last five years. This level of job security for UCalgary Law grads has remained consistent, even in spite of challenging economic times. No one knows the Calgary legal market better than our Career and Professional Development Office, and no law school has stronger ties to the legal community in Calgary than ours.

Not only is our overall articling placement rate high, but so is the rate at which our students place at corporate law firms. Specifically, 67% of students in the class of 2020 that were seeking articles, secured them at a corporate firm. 

Further, in 2020, our students received approximately 53% of positions being offered in the national Calgary market first-year recruit for summer 2020 positions. The next highest law school had approximately 14% of the market. 



Articling Placement Rates:

Class of 2020: 98% (1 non-report, 2 non-seeking)

Class of 2019: 100% (2 non-report, 1 non-seeking)

Class of 2018: 99% (1 non-report, 3 non-seeking)

Class of 2017: 99% (1 non-report, 4 non-seeking)

Class of 2016: 96% (3 non-reports, 3 non-seeking)