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Research & Faculty

Dedication and Leadership

UCalgary Law is home to some of the leading researchers and academics in business law. Our faculty members are regularly published and cited in high-profile academic journals, as well as in various news sources. They are also routinely consulted by regulators and lawmakers and serve on a variety of advisory committees at all levels of government and with specialized regulatory agencies and self-regulatory organizations. 

We are building our future through our global reach in business, innovation and legal education, and high-quality, high-impact research. We place an emphasis on quality teaching and instruction through the Calgary Curriculum to ensure that our students feel supported and well-prepared throughout their academic journey. Our faculty members have received numerous teaching awards, and take pride in their responsibilities as educators.

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Bennett Jones Law Library


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Catching the Entrepreneurial Bug

Professions such as social work and health care aren't traditionally associated with entrepreneurial thinking, but UCalgary faculty members across campus are incorporating that mindset into their disciplines.

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Women in Corporate Law: Students find fit through experience and mentorship

UCalgary Law students come from a variety of backgrounds to find interests in different areas of corporate law.

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