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Bankes, Nigel

Aboriginal Law; Circumpolar Law (Arctic); Energy Law; International Environmental Law; International Water Resources Law (esp. the Columbia River Treaty); Law of the Sea (esp. dispute resolution); Oil & Gas Law (Regulation and Private Law)

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Billington, Susan

Clinical Theory; Clinical Practice; Ethics and Professionalism

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Brown, Catherine

Estate planning; International Taxation; International Trade Law; The Intersection of Tax and Trade Agreements in Tax Matters

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Campbell, Lyndsay

Legal History; The regulation of expression; The interaction between extralegal and legal approaches to regulation; Comparisons between Canadian and American approaches to law, constitutionalism and regulation

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Christian, Gideon

Artificial Intelligence and Law; Electronic Discovery Law; Environmental Impacts of new technology

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Clements, Ryan

Corporate & Securities Law; Banking & Financial Market Regulation; Financial Technology, Blockchain & Crypto-Assets; Financial Product Innovation; Financial Market Systemic Risk & Financial Crises

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Duffy, Maureen

Constitutional Law (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia); Criminal Law and Procedure (the United States and Canada); Immigration and Refugee Law; National Security Law (the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom); International Criminal Law; International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law; Equality and Employment Discrimination; Animal Law

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Fluker, Shaun

Public participation and transparency in resources and environmental decision-making; The implementation of environmental norms with law; Public interest litigation

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Girgis, Jassmine

Director and officer liability; Corporate restructuring law; Corporate law; Contract law; Bankruptcy law

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Hagen, Greg

Intellectual Property Law; Biotechnology Law; Information Technology and Internet Law; Legal Theory and Philosophy; Information Security Law

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Hamilton, Robert

Aboriginal and Indigenous law; Property law; Legal history; Legal theory; Constitutional Law

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Hardcastle, Lorian

Regulation and governance of the health care system; Hospital and governmental liability and accountability; Patient safety; Health system organization and finance; Comparative health policy; Self-regulation of health professionals

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Hubert, Anna-Maria

Public international law; Law of the sea; International environmental law; International law and policy relating to science and emerging technologies

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Ilg, Michael

Legal Theory; Law & Development

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Ingelson, Allan

Canadian and international comparative petroleum and mining law; Canadian and international environmental regulation, renewable energy law, public lands law and cult

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Kislowicz, Howard

Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Multiculturalism and the Law; Law and Religion

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Koshan, Jennifer

Constitutional Law; Equality and Human Rights; State Responses to Interpersonal Violence; Feminist Legal Theory; Public Interest Advocacy

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Laidlaw, Emily

Cybersecurity; Information Technology Law; Intellectual Property Law; Media Law; Human Rights Law; Corporate Social Responsibility

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Mahoney, Kathleen

Equality; International Human Rights law; Judicial Education; Law and Reparations; Aboriginal people and the law; Feminist Legal Theory; Transitional Justice

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Mascher, Sharon

Environmental Law; International Environmental Law; Climate Change Law; Intersections between Environmental Law and laws affecting Indigenous Peoples

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Nesbitt, Michael

Criminal Law; National Security Law

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Nikolaou, Nickie

Energy Law; Natural Resources Law; Environmental Law; Property Law

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Olszynski, Martin

Environmental Assessment and Adaptive Management; Ecosystem Services and Environmental Valuation; Land-use Planning; Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement; Climate Change Litigation and Liability; Empirical Legal Research

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Oshionebo, Evaristus

Law and policy governing extraction and mining of natural resources; Corporate responsibility; Corporate governance; Regulation of transnational corporations; Sustainable development; Intellectual property law; International investment law

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Silver, Lisa

Criminal law and policy; Criminal procedure (search warrants and privacy rights); Evidence (admissibility and use of social media, issues of proof and expert evidence); Sentencing principles and policy (sentencing starting points and guidelines); Regulatory offences

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Stewart, Fenner

Governance of Natural Resources; Energy and Natural Resources Law; Environmental Protection; Responsible Regulation; Legal Theory

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Tingle, Bryce

Corporate Finance; Entrepreneurial Law; Corporate Law; Securities Law; Corporate Governance

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Tscherning, Rudiger

International and Comparative Energy and Natural Resources Law and Policy; The Conflict of Laws (Private International Law); International Infrastructure and Construction Law; International Nuclear Law and Policy; International Commercial Law; Transportation of Energy and Commodities

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van de Biezenbos, Kristen

Energy Regulation, Transition, and Land Use Issues; Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy; Renewable Energy Markets and Regulation; Sustainability, ESG, Private Environmental Governance

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Watson Hamilton, Jonnette

Discourse Analysis; Equality Rights; Property Law & Theory; Access to Justice

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Whitsitt, Elizabeth

Public International Law; International Trade Law; International Investment Law; International Dispute Settlement; Intersection between disciplines of International Economic Law; Intersection between disciplines of International Economic Law and regulation of Natural Resources

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Wright, David

Natural Resources Law; Environmental Law; Energy Law; Aboriginal Law and Indigenous Law; Climate Law; International Sustainable Development Law; Rule of Law

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