The Calgary Curriculum

What is the Calgary Curriculum?

The Calgary Curriculum places University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law at the forefront of innovation in North American legal education. Our curriculum is rigorous, it is relevant, and more realistically connects how we teach with how you learn. It will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for future professional success.

You will gain

A deep understanding of law

A deep understanding of law and legal principles, along with the ability to apply your learning to real-world situations.

Education through performance-based learning

Using real-life situations, both actual or simulated, to deepen your learning of legal principles and to translate that learning into practical concepts and applications.

Knowledge and experience for a dynamic legal services market

You will enter your career ready to tackle the challenging, and ever changing, legal services market. You will be prepared for professional opportunities that extend beyond traditional legal practice.

We know that you likely will not just have one career following graduation; you will have several. The Calgary Curriculum increases student engagement and preparedness for the complex professional world you will enter after graduation. We are training students in the ability to adapt for an industry that is constantly evolving.

I saw the benefits of the Calgary Curriculum during my summer job, where I was able to adapt quickly to working in a firm. Many of the tasks I was asked to complete were ones I had already encountered through school.

Marleea Lagimodiere stands in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Marleea Lagimodiere