Technology & Intellectual Property Law

The law relating to novel technologies, including their regulation, and the ownership of intellectual property rights in technologies. Our faculty members do research in a variety of areas, including Internet law, media law, technology and the legal profession, copyright law, patent law, information privacy law, international law and policy relating to emerging technology, geoengineering regulation, technology start-up law, blockchain law, cybersecurity law, the regulation of synthetic biology, and biosecurity.

From Isolation to Inclusion: How Diversity Drives Equitable Innovation (Webinar)

To make this ever-changing world a better, more inclusive place for all Canadians, innovators must recognize and value difference and cultivate a welcoming space for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC). Join our panel of innovators and researchers on campus and in the community to discuss how diversity is driving equitable innovation.

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Creating safe spaces

Research at the University of Calgary provides answers to common personal security problems, from workplace bullying to Internet security to domestic violence.

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Internet and the law: protecting yourself against online abuse (Webinar)

Join researcher Emily Laidlaw as she examines the current laws that apply to the problem of online abuse and explores legal reforms that could better tackle the harm involved.

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Can we be public and private at the same time? The coded thrill of cyberconnectivity

Everything we do online is observed and recorded by people we can't see and mostly don't even know about. UCalgary researchers look at how to increase security and maintain privacy in a world where they're constantly under attack.

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