Natural Resources, Energy & Environmental Law

The law relating to natural resources, energy and the environment. Our faculty members are actively researching in a variety of areas, including international environmental law, energy law, law of the sea, regulation of environmental markets, alternative energy law, constitutional law, climate change law, the law of the extraction and mining of natural resources, environmental assessment law and adaptive management, international comparative energy law, sustainable development law, energy transportation law, and land use law.

Do the laws of the land actually protect the land?

The Environment, Natural Resources, and Canada's Constitution

Regulating development: Energy, environmental changes and the law

As energy companies explore more unconventional locations and try to tie into more markets, the law is failing to keep up and should be made more transparent, say UCalgary legal experts.

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Energy and the environment: Are our laws keeping up? (Webinar)

As energy companies explore more locations and markets, energy development increasingly touches lives and creates new challenges with regards to balancing economic, social and environmental good. Martin Olszynski, assistant professor of law at the University of Calgary, looks at whether our laws are keeping up in the areas of energy and the environment, and if they need to be made more transparent.

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Who on Earth will pay for climate change? "Less heat and more light" needed in carbon policy discussion

Carbon pricing is a hot-button issue across the country, yet experts seem to agree that some form of levies or taxes is inevitable as the world moves toward climate action. The question then becomes what policies Canada can adopt in order to avoid being left behind on the global stage.

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Biodiversity Offsets 101: Case Studies and Best Practices for Alberta

The biodiversity crisis is leading many jurisdictions to implement biodiversity offsetting. This webinar will help participants understand what this tool is, and the opportunities and challenges they present.

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