Current JD Students

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Important Dates & Deadlines for Current Students

Sept. 3, 2024

First day of Fall classes and 1L orientation

Sept. 4, 2024

Foundations in Law Block Course for 1L students begins

Sept. 12, 2024

Last day for dropping courses (without receiving a "W" grade) for 2L and 3L students

No refund of fees if you withdraw from full courses or Fall term half-courses after this date (2L and 3L students)

Sept. 13, 2024

Last day for adding courses or for changing registrations from credit to audit, or audit to credit

Sept. 20, 2024

Fee payment deadline for Fall term

Sept. 23, 2024

First-year doctrinal courses begin

Dec. 6, 2024

Last day of Fall classes

Last day to withdraw with permission from Fall term courses. If you withdraw after this date you will receive an "F" on your transcript

Dec. 9, 2024

First day of exams for Fall classes (to December 20)

Jan. 6, 2025

Winter block courses start

Jan. 27, 2025

Regularly scheduled classes for 1L, 2L, 3L, LOP, visiting, exchange and graduate students

Jan. 31, 2025

Fee payment deadline for Winter term

Feb. 4, 2025

Last day for dropping courses (without receiving a "W" grade)

No refund on fees if you withdraw from full courses or Winter half term courses after this date.

Feb. 5, 2025

Last day for adding courses or for changing registrations from credit to audi or audit to credit in full courses and Winter term half courses

March 31, 2025

Last day to submit Application for Degree for June Convocation

April 4, 2025

Last day of classes for Winter term

Last day to withdraw with permission from Winter term courses. If you withdraw after this date you will receive an "F" on your transcript.

April 7, 2025

First day of exams for Winter classes (until April 17)

Registration & Course Selection

Course registration information for students

Information for upper-year and graduate students

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Calendar Course Descriptions

Calendar course descriptions

Instructor Course Descriptions

Instructor course descriptions

Courses listed by number

Courses listed by number

Courses listed by area of concentration

Courses listed by area of concentration

Clinical Courses, Directed Research Projects & Special Concentrations

Law 591: Provincial Court Clerkships

Info for Law 591

Law 653: Student Proposals for Directed Research

Info for Law 653

Law 696: Alberta Utilities Commission Clinical

Info for AUC Clinical

Law 696: Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) Clinical

Info for MSA Clinical

Law 696: Corporate Counsel Externship

New in 2024!

Info for Corporate Counsel Externship

Concentration in Aboriginal and Indigenous Law

The Faculty is happy to share that a new Concentration in Aboriginal and Indigenous Law is now available to all JD students. 

Registration information

Course Materials & Requirements

As part of the competency evaluation requirements of upper-year students, you are required to successfully complete all compulsory courses, as well as the following elements.

Upper-year writing requirement and written declaration of completion

International requirement and written declaration of completion

Theoretical Perspectives requirement and written declaration of completion

Tax Law Tutorials

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Mooting & Debating

Our Mooting & Debating program

You can participate in both non-credit and credit moots during your time at UCalgary Law. Credit moots are open to second and third year students.

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International & Civil Law Study

Third-year students have the opportunity to take an approved program of legal studies at an international law school or a civil law school within Canada. The upper-year international requirement can be completed by an international exchange for one academic term if approved by the Associate Dean. The most logical term for exchange is the fall term of third year, when no mandatory courses are scheduled.

Once approved for exchange, you must obtain approval from the Assistant Dean, Student Services on your proposed courses. Submit the course outlines/descriptions for each proposed course, as well as the number of units each course is worth, by email at least five business days prior to the course registration deadline at the intended institution.

  • You must register for the equivalent of 12 UCalgary units per term, to a maximum of 18 units.
  • You must return to UCalgary to participate in Law 602: Advocacy in January.
  • Information for international study can be found with the Study Abroad Office
  • Check out opportunities for financial assistance



Non-Law Courses

You may claim up to 9 credit hours towards your JD for courses taken outside the law school during your second and third years, with the approval of the Assistant Dean, Student Services. Courses must be at a 400-level or higher and must significantly add to your understanding of law and the legal system. Courses must not involve a subject that can be taken at UCalgary Law.

Non-law courses from UCalgary count towards GPA calculations; non-law courses from other institutions do not.

Study Outside UCalgary

You may take law courses for credit at another Canadian law school or abroad during the equivalent of spring or summer sessions, with the approval of the Associate Dean.

You may register for directed research during spring or summer sessions, with the approval of the Associate Dean and with the support of an individual instructor.

Third-year students may go on a Letter of Permission for one term or one year to another Canadian common law school and still earn a JD from UCalgary. You will be required to complete the required courses and requirements for the second and third years, and you must attend the block courses at the beginning of the winter terms. Approval from the Assistant Dean, Student Services is required.

Progression through the JD program

  • Student must achieve “satisfactory performance” in all first-year courses, which means a minimum grade of C- in a course grade on the 12-band scale, and a grade of CR in a course graded on CR/D/F basis.
  • Students may be required to achieve satisfactory performance in specific elements of required courses, in particular Foundations in Law and Justice I and II, and Legislation.
  • The exact requirements to progress from the first year of the JD program are set out in the Faculty Regulations.
  • Upper-year students must achieve satisfactory performance in each required course and the three required elements.

International Energy Lawyers Program (IELP)


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Graduation & Convocation

All the info you need to apply to graduate and attend convocation.

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Iris Barry Yake Robe Bank

The Robe Bank is a self-serve robe bank, with a variety of sizes of robes and waistcoats for Bar calls and court appearances.

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Additional funding for current JD students

Kerry Dyte, QC Student Assistance Fund

The Kerry Dyte Q.C. Student Assistance Fund is available for all law students. The purpose behind the Kerry Dyte fund is to provide law students with access to emergency assistance. Students can access up to $5,000 upon demonstration of financial need as a result of an unexpected/unforeseen situation, such as travel expenses for family illness or bereavement, tuition support, or medical and dental expenses.

Applications for funding can be made to Angela Gallo-Dewar (, Assistant Dean, Student Services, and will be granted at the dean's discretion.

Student Conference Funding

The Faculty of Law has some limited funds to support students wishing to attend and/or present at conference that is related to their legal studies.

Applications can be made to Angela Gallo-Dewar, Assistant Dean, Academic & Student Services at

Application should include:

  • Conference name and agenda
  • Location and date
  • Reason for attendance
  • If you're an attendee or a presenter
  • Budget to attend

The amount to a pre-determined maximum will be based on factors including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Destination
  • Cost to attend
  • Whether you are presenting or not
  • Applicability to your legal studies
  • Previous conference support
  • Availability of funding

Funds will be deposited after your return, upon submission of sufficient receipts to cover the grant, and proof of attendance, including the agenda.

A short report on the conference and your experience is also required. This need not be more than one page in length.

Shell Experiential Energy Learning (SEEL) Program Activities Fund

The Shell Experiential Energy Learning (SEEL) Program provides funding to University of Calgary undergraduates in all disciplines for field trips, conferences, special projects and other activities focused on sustainable energy, environment and economy.

The SEEL Program enhances the hands-on learning experience for individual undergraduates and undergrad student clubs and organizations. Sponsored by Shell Canada, administered by the University of Calgary and with applications judged by students. The SEEL Program is part of Shell's Campus Ambassador Program (CAP).

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