Two articling students, dressed in business attire, look at documents in a sunny foyer.

Hire Our Students

With some of the highest articling placement rates in Canada, our students are highly sought after by employers.

Why hire from UCalgary Law?

  • Our students are sought after by employers – UCalgary Law boasts some of the highest placement statistics in Canada.
  • Our groundbreaking Calgary Curriculum gives students the competence in methods, analysis and critical reasoning – and shows them how to translate that knowledge into action in the workplace. 
  • UCalgary Law students have excellent legal minds, can deliver results and work well with your clients

Here’s how our UCalgary Law students can contribute to your team of professionals

Articling: Hiring an articling student is a good way to contribute to your long-term recruitment strategy. UCalgary Law students bring resilience, excellent client-relations skills, and a strong foundation in law to quickly begin contributing to your firm or organization.  

Composite Articles: Can’t afford a student for a whole year? Have a 4 or 6-month project you could use assistance with on the junior end?  Students are also open to these opportunities.

Summer: Corporation, firm or public interest organization – students bring can contribute to your many projects, providing an analytical eye, research skills and management of projects.

Connect with Our Students

  • Calgary Law Mixer – September (evening)
  • Career Day – September
  • Vancouver On-Campus Interviews
  • Toronto On-Campus Interviews
  • Regional Receptions

UCalgary Law Grading Policy Letter

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Hire our students

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