Why UCalgary Law

We know that you have many options when choosing a law school in Canada. Here are just some of the reasons why UCalgary Law should be at the top of your list.

We see you as a person, not a number

At UCalgary Law, you are chosen for more than your academic excellence. We look at the entire person before us and consider all of your experiences and life achievements that make you unique. We recognize that great students are measured by more than their marks.

All the students in your class are also chosen for that something extra. This means that you will be part of a thriving student body that is bright, diverse, and actively engaged in their learning community. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds across Canada and the world, which creates an extraordinary atmosphere for your law school experience.

Class of 2020

Meet the Class of 2021

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with Bachelor's

with Master's

from outside Alberta

provinces represented

born outside Canada

1st generation Canadians

languages spoken

1st in family to attend law school

1st in family to attend post-secondary

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Innovative approach to teaching

The legal profession in Canada and around that world has entered a period of tremendous change. Lawyers in today’s markets need a wider range of skills and knowledge that lawyers from the past. We are committed to an innovative teaching approach to give our graduates the best education for the legal marketplace of tomorrow.

Our ground-breaking Calgary Curriculum gives you the competence you need to understand the concepts, methods, analysis, reasoning and critical perspectives to excel in the practice of law. Our innovative teaching practices also help you translate that knowledge into action.

Daphne Wang, JD’19

Meeting and getting to speak with practitioners, professors, and upper year students helped me get a broader understanding of the many different career paths available in the legal profession. These interactions also gave me insight into the deep camaraderie within the school and the profession as a whole.

Daphne Wang, JD’19

Opportunities to use your practical skills

We strive to provide you with extensive opportunities to get real-life legal experience. Our clinical programs provide exciting opportunities for you to develop practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge.

Our unique courses position us as leaders in experiential education, in a variety of topics and research areas, and new courses are developed to allow you to stay current. Recent new course offerings include:

At the end of your three years here, you will run a full trial in our Trial Advocacy course, which takes everything you’ve learned in school and helps you apply it in a mock trial in front of a judges.

You may also have the chance to take part in our Mooting & Debating program, which features competitions to hone your negotiation, advocacy and debating skills. Competitions take place across Canada, and in some cases, internationally.

Summer positions and articling placement rates

Our articling placement rate is typically the first or second highest of any law school in Canada. These high rates have held strong, even during challenging economic times. No one knows the Calgary legal market better than our Career & Professional Development Office, and no law school has stronger ties to that market. Calgary is home to the second largest legal market in Canada, and you will enjoy unprecedented access to that market during your time at law school.

UCalgary Law students typically receive a significantly higher number of articling placements in the Calgary legal market, as well as the most offers for first-year and second-year summer placements and internships in the Calgary legal market of any law school in Canada. In 2018, our students received approximately 50% of positions being offered in the national Calgary market first-year recruit for summer 2018 positions. The next highest law school had approximately 14% of the market.

We also have strong connections to markets across Canada. About 30% of you come from outside of Alberta, so maintain strong relationships with legal communities across the country is top priority for us. Our career advisors will work with you to help you pursue your legal career in any field and in any community across Canada and internationally.

Articling placement rates

5-year articling placement rates

Class of 2017: 99% (1 non-report, 4 not seeking)

Class of 2016: 96% (3 non-reports, 3 not seeking)

Class of 2015: 96% (1 non-report, 3 not seeking)

Class of 2014: 99% (1 non-report, 2 not seeking)

Class of 2013: 99% (1 non-report, 100% of reported were seeking articles)

More than $1.3 million in student funding

Scholarships, bursaries and awards

We have a variety of annual entrance awards for students who demonstrate excellence in their undergraduate achievements, and have the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the law school community and beyond. We also have many other scholarships, bursaries and financial aid to help you finance your legal education.

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