Diversity & Inclusion at UCalgary Law

At UCalgary Law, we strive to be open and inclusive to all future and current students, as well as future and current faculty and staff, guests, and visitors. We pride ourselves on our holistic admissions process, where you are chosen not just for academic excellence, but also for a number of factors that make you unique and convinced us that you will make a positive contribution to our law school and the larger community. Your classmates are also chosen for that something extra. This means you will be part of a thriving student body that is not just academically bright, but diverse and engaged. That makes for a truly special law school experience.

Our student clubs and university-wide resources provide a welcoming and supportive experience for our community, and our close ties with the legal community – including the Legal Leaders for Diversity and the Association of Women Lawyers, to name a few – allows you to be involved and welcomed to the profession from your first day at UCalgary Law.

Diversity & Law Society

The Diversity & Law Society (DLS) aims to promote diversity and multiculturalism in the study and practice of law. DLS is affiliated with the national organization, Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers and associated with the Canadian Bar Association's Diversity Section.


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The LGBTQIAA+ UCalgary Law Students' Association provides a social, educational and political forum for LGBTQIAA+ individuals and their allies to engage in discussion and networking, and to promote awareness within the legal and wider communities.

Indigenous Law Students Association

The Indigenous Law Students Association was created by a group of law students in 2017 for the purpose of advancing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action (#27 and #28). The ILC hosts and supports events throughout the school year to encourage awareness and discussion of Indigenous Law issues.

Gender Equity in Law Association

Working to engage, educate and inspire law students.

Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students' Association is a national student-run non-profit organization. The BLSA is committed to supporting and enhancing academic and professional opportunities for black law students.

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LSAT Summer Prep Course for Low-Income Students

UCalgary Law offers a free LSAT preparation course for high potential, low-income undergraduate students and recent university graduates. The program prepares participants for the September LSAT and a law school application for the Fall admissions cycle.

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Office of Diversity, Equity & Protected Disclosure

UCalgary established the Office of Diversity, Equity and Protected Disclosure (ODEPD) to advance the core values of collaboration, communication, support and excellence which underlie the university's strategic direction, Eyes High.

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Women’s Resource Centre

The Women’s Resource Centre is a safe and welcoming place for students, staff, faculty, and community to come together to connect. We focus on practical skills development that compliments classroom theoretical learning.

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The Q Centre

The Students’ Union’s Q Centre is a safe, comfortable and inviting space for the LGBTQA+ community at the University of Calgary. Featuring a library and peer support services, the program coordinators and volunteers plan events and direct clients to relevant resources.

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Writing Symbols Lodge

The University of Calgary welcomes, respects, and supports the rich diversity of Aboriginal learners, their communities, cultural traditions, and aspirations in post-secondary education.

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Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services works collaboratively and innovatively with the campus community to create an accessible, equitable and supportive learning and living environment that enhances each student's academic and personal development.

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Faith & Spirituality Centre

The Faith & Spirituality Centre seeks to cultivate a pluralistic community by encouraging cultural and religious literacy, community building, and social change as an integral part of the student experience.

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