Future Indigenous Law Students

The Faculty of Law acknowledges and respects the rich diversity of our learners, their communities, their aspirations, and their cultures and traditions. Our Indigenous admissions review process works to ensure equitable access and the successful participation of Indigenous learners.

The purpose of this review process is to facilitate access to legal education and to the legal profession for Indigenous Peoples, and to enrich the intellectual and cultural life at the law school and the legal community.

Applying for Indigenous Student Admission

In the online application, all Canadian applicants are asked to indicate if they self-identify as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit. If you answer yes to that question, you will be eligible for the Indigenous admissions review process. See more about JD admissions.

Indigenous Admissions Review Process

We start by considering your application using the faculty’s regular competitive criteria. If necessary, we’ll automatically provide you a second consideration if you’ve self-identified as Indigenous on your application. Applications are assessed with the Indigenous Law Centre Summer Program (at the University of Saskatchewan) application timeline in mind. See below for details about the program.

To be admitted under the Indigenous category it is important to explain the degree to which you identify with your Indigenous community. Indigenous ancestry and membership may be indicative of identity but ideally you should also provide evidence of your connection to Indigenous culture and/or family impact of colonization.

Supporting Documentation

You must submit documentation to verify your Indigenous identity by emailing a photocopy of your Native, Inuit, or Métis status card to law@ucalgary.ca no later than February 15. We recommend sending your documentation early in the application cycle, as applications may be assessed prior to February 15.

Get more information on other acceptable documents here.

If you need help determining an alternative way of verifying your Indigenous identity, please contact Writing Symbols Lodge.

Indigenous Law Centre Summer Program at the University of Saskatchewan

In 2018, UCalgary Law became one of the newest partner schools with the Indigenous Law Centre Summer Program at the University of Saskatchewan. This is an eight-week (beginning of May to end of June) program that provides you an opportunity to study first-year Property Law (a required course) before beginning law school in the fall. Many students take this course as a condition of their acceptance to law school.

The program has four objectives:

  • To prepare you for success in law school;
  • To provide an alternate means for you to be accepted to law school;
  • To increase the number of Indigenous professionals in the legal field; and,
  • To integrate Indigenous issues into legal education.

UCalgary Law accepts the course as a first-year credit. This will lighten your workload and let you dedicate more time to achieving success in your other courses.

Some Indigenous applicants will be required to take the course as a condition of their acceptance to UCalgary Law as determined under the Indigenous admissions process, but all Indigenous applicants, whether admitted under the ordinary or Indigenous category, have the opportunity to participate in the program.

Funding for Indigenous Students

Additional external funding sources:

Indigenous Student Life

Indigenous Law Club

UCalgary Law has a newly established Indigenous Law Club, which hosts events throughout the school year to encourage awareness and discussion of Indigenous Law issues. The club also provides resources and support for Indigenous students who are interested in attending law school.

For more information, contact indigenouslawclub@ucalgary.ca.

Student Ambassadors

We have several members of our Student Ambassadors who are Indigenous. If you are interested in talking to one of them about life as a law student and about UCalgary Law, contact law.ambassadors@ucalgary.ca.

Writing Symbols Lodge

Writing Symbols Lodge is a great place to go for additional resources about attending the University of Calgary, funding and academic support. Writing Symbols Lodge also organizes numerous community-based programs and cultural events that engage the campus and greater community.