References for Graduate Programs

Referee types

We prefer academic referees when assessing applications, because they can answer questions about their experience with you in an academic setting. An academic referee is someone who taught you at a post-secondary institution.

Professional referees

If you are unable to find academic referees, then you may choose to use professional referees. A professional referee is someone who has interacted with you in a professional capacity, such as an employer or an individual with an organization for which you have volunteered.

Unable to find a referee?

We understand that applicants who have been out of school for many years may find it hard to obtain academic referees, and so must choose professional referees. There is space within the application to explain the reason why you could not find academic referees, to put your choice into perspective.

Academic referees

If you are currently in an undergrad or graduate program, or recently graduated from post-secondary studies, you should choose academic referees.