Lorian Hardcastle

Dr. Lorian Hardcastle



Associate Professor

Faculty of Law

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Office: 403.220.2038


Office: MFH3345


Educational Background

Doctor of Judicial Science (SJD) University of Toronto, 2014

LLM University of Toronto, 2006

JD with Health Law and Policy Specialization Certificate, Dalhousie Law School, 2004


Lorian Hardcastle is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, with a joint appointment to the Department of Community Health Sciences in the Cumming School of Medicine. She is also a member of the One Health Consortium, O’Brien Institute for Public Health, and Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board at the University of Calgary. Lorian obtained her JD with Health Law and Policy Specialization Certificate from Dalhousie University, and her LLM and SJD from the University of Toronto. She also completed a fellowship at the O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center. 

Research Activities

Lorian is currently involved in research on antimicrobial resistance (funded by Alberta's Major Innovation Fund), artificial intelligence and health (funded by the CIHR), regulation of long-term care, and legal and policy issues arising from COVID-19. Lorian's work has been published in numerous legal and health policy journals including the Canadian Medical Association JournalUniversity of Pennsylvania Law ReviewHealthcare PolicyAlberta Law Review, Queen's Law Journal, and Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics. Lorian is a frequent contributor to health policy debates in the media. Her writing has appeared in several Canadian newspapers including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, and Ottawa Citizen


Areas of Research

Regulation and governance of the health care system, Liability and accountability of health facilities and government, Public health law and policy, Patient safety, Health system organization and finance, Comparative health policy, Self-regulation of health professionals


Course number Course title Semester
LAW 406 LEC 02 02 Torts 2021
LAW 408 LEC 01 01 Fndns in Law and Justice II 2021
LAW 593 LEC 01 01 Health Law 2020
LAW 65350 LAB 05 B05 Directed Research 2020
LAW 65358 LAB 04 B04 Directed Research 2020


  • Teaching Excellence Award, University of Calgary Students' Union. 2019
  • Teaching Excellence Award, University of Calgary Students' Union. 2020


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