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Foreign-Trained Lawyers Program

Earn your National Committee on Accreditation requirements in one year

Become an accredited lawyer in Canada

The Foreign Trained-Lawyers Program (FTLP) is a one-year Post-bachelor’s Certificate offered by the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary. The FTLP will help you complete the educational requirements you need to become an accredited lawyer in Canada. Students in the FTLP will receive a high-quality legal education in Canadian law and they will be part of a vibrant, inclusive and supportive community and upon graduation they will be part of the alumni of Canada’s most innovative law school.The FTLP is a 24-unit post-bachelor’s certificate that can be completed in one year. Applications closed July 1.

National Committee on Accreditation (NCA)

This Post-bachelor’s Certificate will help you meet the requirements of the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) and includes a unique one-year course in professional development training (including professional writing and oral communication skills, writing resumes for articling positions, interviewing skills, marketing and promotion, networking events, and mentoring), student support and mentorship, and articling and career placement assistance, in order to provide a comprehensive pathway for you to integrate into the legal services market in Canada.

Tuition and fees ($CAD)

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Additional courses (per course)


General University fees


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The FTLP is designed to meet the needs of internationally-trained lawyers who wish to practice common law in Canada. Internationally-trained lawyers fall into three general categories:  

  1. International students who have obtained their legal education in other countries and/or are already practicing law in other countries but wish to immigrate to Canada, or have already immigrated to Canada;
  2. Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have obtained their common law legal education outside of Canada, and;
  3. Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have obtained a civil law degree within or outside of Canada.

NOTE: You must apply to the National Committee on Accreditation to receive your assigned requirements before applying to our program.

Application requirements

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The minimum requirements for admission to the FTLP post-bachelor's certificate are:

  1. completed law degree (LLB, JD, or equivalent) from an approved, recognized, accredited or otherwise accepted law school;
  2. A valid National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) Assessment Reportissued within the last five (5) years, that shows required courses and law degree information; 
  3. Proof of English language proficiency, measured via one of the below methods:
    1. The language of instruction of the Applicant’s legal academic qualifications was English, and such qualifications were obtained in a country where English is an official language, or;
    2. Completion of the International English Language Test System (IELTS) Academic test, with a minimum score of 7.0 across all of the following elements: writing, speaking, reading and listening, and;
  4. Your personal statement (maximum 750 words) stating who you are, your non-academic pursuits, your lived experiences, and three (3) reasons why you want to take the program.

Admission to the program is competitive, and meeting the minimum requirements above does not guarantee admission to the program. 20 students will be granted admission for the 2021-2022 cohort.

Applications closed July 1.  

*Note: Offers of admission will be made on a rolling basis. The sooner we receive your completed application, the sooner it can be reviewed.   

Program requirements

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Students in the FTLP must complete the following 24 units of coursework achieving a satisfactory performance (C- or higher, or Completed Requirements (CR)):

  • Law 420: Foundations of Canadian Law
  • Law 430: Professional Development
  • Law 400: Constitutional Law
  • Law 410: Crime: Law & Procedure
  • Law 503: Administrative Law
  • Law 510: Ethical Lawyering

Course descriptions can be found in the University Calendar.

For clarity, successful completion of Law 400, 410, 420, 503 and 510 fulfills the educational requirements of the five core subjects in the Canadian-specific content outlined by the NCA in its Policy Manual July 21, 2020. Those NCA core subjects are Canadian Administrative Law, Canadian Constitutional Law, Canadian Criminal Law, Canadian Professional Responsibility, and Foundations in Canadian Law.

Subject to availability, FTLP students may take one additional Law course in addition to the FTLP requirements and pay no additional tuition.

If the NCA's assessment requires additional courses on top of the requirements outlined above, students may take up to three (3) additional Law courses upon payment of the applicable per-course tuition feeAny additional courses are subject to availability and must be approved by the Academic Director of the FTLP and the Associate Dean (Academic) in the Faculty of Law. The additional courses are:

  • Law 402: Contracts
  • Law 404: Property
  • Law 406: Torts
  • Law 505: Civil Procedure
  • Law 507: Evidence
  • Law 509: Business Associations
  • Law 515: Family Law
  • Law 527: Basic Tax Law
  • Law 575: Remedies
  • Law 598: Trusts

Students are expected to complete the FTLP post-bachelor's certificate in one (1) year. The maximum time allowed to complete the program is three (3) years.  

Frequently asked questions

The Foreign-Trained Lawyers Program qualifies for funding from Alberta Student Aid. Information about how to apply can be found on the Government of Alberta website.

Micro loans from Windmill Microlending are available for applicants who are internationally-trained with status as a Permanent Resident, Provincial Nominee, Canadian Citizen or Protected Person.

You must wait until you have completed your law degree before applying to the program.

You must have an NCA assessment prior to applying to the program. You will need to upload your assessment to the application portal when you apply. 

Please allow at least six (6) weeks after submitting your documents to the NCA to receive your assessment.

You must complete your law degree prior to applying to the NCA for your assessment.

No. We will download all of your transcripts from the NCA, which you will have provided to them to receive your assessment.

No. Letters of reference or recommendation are not required to apply to the program.

Our LLM programs are not approved as law degrees sufficient for admission to the Canadian common law law societies and do not allow students to satisfy the requirements for law society admission through the NCA.

We are excited to announce a partnership with Windmill Microlending

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Windmill Microlending (Windmill) is a registered charity serving newcomers since 2005 by offering low-cost microloans to help skilled immigrants and refugees continue their careers in Canada.

Successful applicants to the FTLP who have an acceptance letter from the FTLP can apply to Windmill via the Windmill application link below. We are working with Windmill to expedite the application process for our students. Please email with questions or for more information.